CEL COATINGS INDUSTRIES PTE LTD (CEL) was established in November 1984 and started out by providing electroplating services to manufacturing companies that produced basic items such as bicycle parts, drum caps and metal casings. In the nineties, Singapore transitioned to higher end manufacturing, with a key focus on the electronics industry. CEL also started serving the electronics and hard disk drive industries as low end manufacturing shifted out of Singapore. At the turn of the century, CEL Coatings embarked on a major diversification program. The goal was to provide a one stop Plating and Coating solution for metal, polymer and plastic substrates to a wider range of industries, with a key focus on niche services.
Our factory started out at 16 and 18 Benoi Place and we relocated to 23 Neythal Road in March 2014. After 30 years our factory occupies a land area of about 4000 square meters and is equipped with automated lines, manual lines, a waste water treatment plant, a chilled water plant, two DI water plants, in-house laboratory complete with Salt Spray Machine,   X-ray, Metallographic Scope, VA Analyzer, Polisher, STEP Tester, Hull Cell Set-up and an integrated computer system.
Currently, CEL is the leading provider of quality surface treatment services for the electronics, beauty, telecommunications, semi-conductor, automotive, oil and gas, aviation and bio medical industries in Singapore. We have also collaborated with several customers on their specialty coating requirements at the prototype level, and we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to diversify and develop new processes.
Together with our customers we are working to elevate the surface finishing quality standards in Singapore to a higher level.